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Now that you have learned about metal roofing and are ready to purchase it for your home, your contractor will begin discussing trim and accessories that are needed to complete your project. Trim components will give your roof a finished look. More importantly, they will help keep the elements from going under the roof at joints or the roof edges. Accessories such as butyl tape and foam closures ensure that your roof is properly sealed from water, wind, and pests.

Check out the diagram below to see some of the most common trims and accessories.

trims acc

EAVE TRIM – Eave trim gives a finished look to your roof. It is installed at the roofs edge and may be replaced with guttering.

RIDGE CAP – Ridge cap is used to close off two panels when they meet at the top of a ridge, dormer or hip condition.

VALLEY – Valley trim gets installed under roof panels that meet to form a valley. This trim will help properly channel water off the roof.

ENDWALL – Endwall trim is used when a roof slopes away from a vertical wall. It gets attached behind the vertical wall panel and over the top of the roof panel.

SIDEWALL – A sidewall trim attaches similar to the endwall trim.

RAKE TRIM – Rake trim is used where the panels end at the gable.

TRANSITION TRIM – Transition trim is used anywhere the roof changes pitch from high to low.

FASCIA TRIM – Covers the facia boards.